Human Resources

Obviously, the fundaments of any translation company are human resources. At AfghanReorex, we are always after recruiting the best to work with us and as such we have laid down a comprehensive HR recruitment process to ensure the materialization of our goals and visions. Our minimum requirements for translator recruitment are:

  • Afghan with native language fluency (Dari, Pashto, Urdu)
  • Updated CV
  • University degree in translation and/or at least 4 years of professional translation experience
  • Computer skills (hardware, software, internet etc.)
  • Permanent internet connectivity
  • Test translation (has to be done in 2 hours and returned back to us)
  • Two references

Pilot project
At AfghanReorex, translators have to successfully pass a pilot project before they are entered into a contractual agreement. These projects are in fact live tests in which potential translators are evaluated based on their actual project performance. They are carefully chosen among projects with large completion timeframes so that our QA team can have a full evaluation. The evaluation is based on quality, communication, project management, and respect of deadlines.

Contractual Agreement and NDA
We require all our personnel (both in-house and freelance) to sign a carefully prepared contractual agreement and NDA.

Database Information
Once the translator is qualified, the translator's profile is entered and maintained in our database. The translator is then familiarized with the translation cycle, our internal processes, and quality management.

Working with AfghanReorex
Our translators are assigned to a project based on the type of the project, requirements, language combination, and subject matter expertise. Also for big volume and/or on-going projects, we assign a dedicated team for the entire duration of the project so that we can ensure high quality and consistency.

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